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Mark's original statement was directly about professionalisum and that is what I was contesting.

Originally posted by Mark

4) NVidia will probably stick to a design methodolgy .. whereas open source developers prefer the hackit and postit method (from the Bodgitt & Skarper institute of learning)
I understand that you do your own programming in your own time and at your own pace, but when you submit your changes or code, isn't it good quality stuff? Or do you just hackit and postit? Most professionals that I know do not submit their code to scrutiny by their peers unless it is good quality. It's just too embarressing otherwise.

I do agree that Nvidia would probably do things in their driver that the common programmer wouldn't think to do, or wouldn't do because it isn't fun, but that really has nothing to do with releasing the source does it? By releasing it, does it take anything away from Nvidia, or does it increase their market share, or possibly increase the technology? How often do open source projects get used in ways totally foreign to the way it was originally intended. This isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing. And if someone can think of a way to make the nvidia drivers sing in a slightly better or expanded way, that's also a good thing.
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