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There was one black screen prob I've occasionally had with my new system setup (got in Feb) which SP1 did not help with... Can't say if this is a winXP Pro or an nForce driver prob though... (It just happened again when I installed SP1 then went to bed, well when I was asleep and the comp was unattended.)

The only new things (most stuff ported from older system) are

- Asus A7N266-E (nForce 420D chipset) - Feb 2002
- Athlon XP 1900+ - Feb 2002 (replaced an Athlon Tbird 1 GHz)
- Corsair XMS-2400 CAS 2.0 (2x 256 MB DIMMs) - Feb 2002
- Visiontek GF3 Ti500 - Nov 2001
- XP retail (had previous beta and RC versions before) when it came out

Beats the hell out of me...when it black screens, it just freezes and won't even ctrl + alt + del or anything... This randomly happens about every 1-2 months since I've had it set up...
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