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Default Re: Help me configure this storage server!

I don't think he was asking how to do it, he just wanted suggestions on what other partitions to make.

Personally I still like the 1 giant partition idea. Making one partition for the OS and then one other for the rest is okay, but it becomes a PITA really quickly because everytime you install something you have to change the driver letter of it, and if you start putting things on your desktop you can fill that OS partition really quickly. You are correct though it is easier to reformat the OS should it take a dump and not have to worry about losing your data.

Another thing to consider is this, if you want to do shares then you need to make another share for every partition, aka music, video, games, etc. If you ever need to move stuff around anytime you move a file on the same partition it is a move so it just updates the drive table accordingly. If you partition the heck of it then when you move a file from one partition to another it is a copy, then delete. This takes 1000x longer anytime you want to move files around. Then once you fill up your partitions you'll have to spend a lot more time resizing them.
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