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Default Re: Wireless router recommendations

Originally Posted by Bman212121
It looks like it has better antennas on it.

It also has MIMO technology, but you probably have to have a special Linksys card to take advantage of it because MIMO isn't part of the 802.11g spec.

I'm going to disagree with Zoomy because it's hard to find and costs twice as much as a regular WRT54G. At $80+ you'd be better off getting a 802.11N router which every device that is N compatible can use MIMO.

fair enough. for me, i have this one, three of them actually, deployed across 2 buildings at work so i didnt feel comfortable getting a consumer grade device. that being said, I'm sure the one you listed and the one i listed are probably made in the same factory, by the same guy in Taiwan, so they are probably bascailly the same.
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