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Default Re: ***Official GTA4 Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by 1337_Like_ThaT
My local GameCrazy is having a midnight launch as well, There will be a COD 4 tournament that evening prior to the launch, winner getting a free copy of GTA IV
I've had my SE copy pre-ordered for ages now, just antipating eagerly

I love the way Rockstar distributes so much marketing swag for their games, I have obtained tons of GTA IV swag which is pretty cool like GTA IV license plate, Niko poster, GTA IV shirts from various in-game shops, Im just a sucker for game swag, even if its cheap corny stuff sometimes
Oh that would be sweet to have a CoD4 tourney! I would suck without a KBM but I'd like to try lol. Looks like I'll be taking a nap Monday afternoon and playing a little bit Tuesday morning.
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