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Default Re: Help me configure this storage server!

Originally Posted by einstein_314
Personally I would just do 2. OS/Applications and Storage/Backups. Putting your applications on a separate partition won't improve performance (since it's all the same array anyways). If they were on a totally different hard drive then maybe there would be minor improvements. And if you lose the OS partition (crash or corruption) you'll still have to reinstall all the programs. Well...unless you figure out how to backup all the registry entries each program installs and then just restore them....I've heard of it working for games. But I think it would be way too much of a hassle to do it for every program.

So yeah, 2 partitions gets my vote. Oh and I'm curious....why 93GB for OS? Why not...100GB? Or 95GB?
I really don't know...93 just sounded like a good number for me.
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