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And then, speaking of M$ GUI's, the code they sometimes generate can be a horrible and inefficient mess. Take a look at M$ SQL which is produced by the wizards in Access. Something as simple as linking a bunch of tables together, they have to put the CPU through more operations then is necessary. On a home dBase where one only has maybe 10 records or so, no big deal, but on a large dBase such as the phone company kept, going through all of that just to look up your account could be the difference between something that is relatively snappy and something that could keep the customer waiting on the phone for what seems like an 8088 server. Just the act of joining 2 tables together and displaying several fields can result in useless commands being inserted or redundently inserted...

Some of the HTML M$ development tools like Front Page generate are also similarly inefficient compared to some of what could be generated by hand. I find it better sometimes to use such tools (to get a general outline of what will be generated) then go in there and delete all the useless lines of code and hand optomize it after.

And another thing I wish M$ would confront is their propensity to take the concept of a wizard (sometimes not providing another means) too far. Wizzards can be useful for seldom done or complicated tasks (for n00bs especially). However this can be taken too far, and things people know how to do shouldn't be delayed by a game of 64,000 questions, when the person is like "d*mn you, just get on with it. I could do this faster then going through this stupid inquisition here..." Another reason to provide more then one method...even n00bs can eventually learn, at which point what was an aid for them can become annoying. Lets not even go into Mr. Clippy (which luckily can be disabled)
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