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Default Re: some info/suggestions on 8800GTS (G92)

Originally Posted by Fairchild7102
Hey guys, I recently picked up a MSI MSI NX8800GTS 512M OC which is based on the smaller G92 core, and I'm wondering if people can give me an idea of the average safe overclocks that these cards can do on base cooling.

This card already comes pre-overclocked to 678mhz core, 972mhz mem (1944mhz effective), 1728mhz shader.

Thanks in advance
Im running my GT card @ 725 core, 1050 mem (2100 effective) and 1800 shader.

However due to the crystals that controlls the clock speed, the actuall OC on the shader is slightly less (~1780 or so) and the actuall mhz on the other parts differ a bit.
You can see this in the hardware monitor of RivaTuner, you notice if you up the core by lets say 5mhz, it dosent have any effect on the actual frequency, untill you hit the next mark where the actual frequency jumps up with 20-30 mhz in one go.

Stock speeds are 600core, 900mem and 1500 shader on my GT (as per reference design).
It's not stockcooler tho.
Idle temps now with summer comming is around 50c (fan set to dynamic in Rivatuner). Highest ive reached thus far with stress test full load with Furrmark is 68c. Games usually land around 65-67c when they stress the card. On those temps fan runs at around 60%, idle between it settles around 35%.

Id be carefull with factory OC cards if you dont know if they run non reference ram and such.
Some manufacturers dont bother to change for example ram and run there OC models above listed specs for the chips. If this is the case, then you might not have much headroom for more OC so read up on that if you can.
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