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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by Kirurgs
This games were hand optimized assembler.
That's about Wolfenstein 3D, Quake/Max is C...
X - slow, yes, and that's part of why this topic exists at all...

X is because of its architecture, much slower than the in-kernel, optimized windows gui.

Maybe you remember Windows NT 3.5? When MS put the GUI into userspace? With NT4 it was back in the kernel - because it was so slow. And where does X reside? Oh, yeah, userspace...

Originally Posted by Kirurgs
Slow GUI is what affects people, people tend to be picky about spent $ and slow GUI, who wants to work with slow GUI... It's not just nVidias fault, but not many understand that and never will... Video HW is what does output to screen, guess what is blamed first when encounter slowness
X will never be as fast as the windows gui - not without some big changes. And one reason why intel 'graphics' are faster is that the same people writing the drivers are also responsible for 2d stuff. So of course intel is faster ... X is written for them ..

btw, before the 'we need specs' stuff starts again, AFAIK intel has not released specs.,,,
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