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Default Re: Wireless router recommendations

Originally Posted by Revs
After how long, bud? If I could get one that did a couple of years i'd be happy. Most last 12-18 months for me. This Lynksis is about 12 months old and it's starting to cut off randomly for no reason

I've tried Lynksis(x2), Belkin and D-Link(x3) (by far the worst). I was thinking about Netgear but i've heard the D-Link gaming ones are good.
My DGL-4300 has been going for about 2 years now. I had almost a full year of uptime before I rebooted it for a firmware update. I think it is nearing 300 days uptime right now since the reboot.

I'm just guessing you probably move a ton of data through it causing them to overheat. You'd be better off with a business model if you move a lot of data or a have a lot of simultaneous connections. One router I've been happy with is the Linksys RV042. We use one of these at work and it gets hammered with connections at certain times of the day. No issues with it so far and we've had it for at least a year if not more.
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