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Originally posted by mcortz_2000
Thats it Saturnotaku,

Let us enjoy our wonderfully stable and fast Ti4600's and continue to do so until NV30 is released....
Amen. I am quite happy currently, and have been since the return to NV.

Originally posted by netviper13
I'd hardly say the GF3 was buggy when it came out...a little slower than the GF2 Ultra for a little while, but everything worked out of the box.
Actually, you guys who keep saying that it was slower than an ultra were most definitely not running 1280x1024+, because I was the only one in my house to have the thing, and it SMASHED the GTS, Radeon 64DDR, and Ultra that my three room-mates were running with. We all had similar machines, other than the graphics hardware.

This isn't a knock, but, in addition, the only card in the house that gave anyone fits was the Radeon, due to terrible Win2K drivers.

We lived in a 4,200 square foot house and we wired the place so there were Cat6 jacks in each room for our gaming pleasure, so I had plenty of comparisons.
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