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Default Connecting to Access Point

I am pretty savvy when it comes to wireless networks and, as many members know, i manage an entire 200 person company's IT stuff, so when i get stumped.. i am really stumped.

What i am tryint to do is connect to an access point where i live. Let me explain.

I live in the country, and my community has an access point for satelite internet where i live. the way it works, for example, with a new pc, i connect to the unsecure wireless network then i go to firefox and my home page tries to load and i am sent to a page where i type in a username and password. once that login is done, it knows my MAC address and from then on out, i just go straight to the internetz.

What i am trying to do is connect to this thing with a device that will let my internet connection to more than 1 device, like my Wii and other tablet pc.

i just cant seem to figure out how to connect to that access poiint and have the username and password inputted.

you guys got any ideas?
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