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Default Re: age of conan beta!

Guys the way it works is they have a few batches of about 5k keys each day, so far every batch of keys only takes 2-3mins before there gone. The best way to insure you get a key is to download fileplanets comrade and add the team fileplanet ambassador, you will get a instant message when a batch of keys become available. After you get your key you can uninstall comrade if you wish.

comrade download link:

link to page for adding ambassadors:

yesterday the second batch of keys were released at 10:08pm central time, they may do that again today but no guarantees. I got my key at 9:10am central this morning.

gl mates!

btw if you preorder you can get lots of cool stuff, like mounts, a bow, belt piece for 8 extra inventory slots, the collectors addition has a ring that gives you more xp, and a cape for free drinks in taverns, also with a preorder you get to start the real game 3 days before the official release on 20th of march, and yes you keep your stats xp and items.
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