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Default Re: Connecting to Access Point

Alrighty then... The way I would set this up is to get a wireless repeater or a router that has bridging capabilities. The way this works is by pairing the MAC address of both wireless access points, so that any devices connection will only see 1 access point, but can in actual fact connect to either.
Actually, thinking about it, all you will achieve is a wider internal range, because ou'll still need to get an IP address from somewhere.. hmmm...
OK, you could get around that by using a wireless switch or using a wireless router as a switch, i.e. ignore the routing part, because the satelitte connection handles the internet gateway. This will still leave the problem of logging in to log your MAC address.
(You may have guessed I'm just thinking out of my fingers)
Right.. The only feasable way of doing this is to log into the gateway router and manually add the MAC address of your wireless switch. This will route the internet to any device connecting to it. Make sure DHCP is turned off and manually set the IP address on your wireless devices so they are on the same IP range and subnet as the gateway, for example

I would set them below as routers generally puke out addresses above 100, thus ruling out any IP conflicts with the rest of the people in your village.

To be honest this is a total bodge way around doing it and it allhinges on you having access to the gateway router and it's control panel letting you manually enter MAC addresses, and it not requiring authentication with your username and password first.

If I were you I'd just bite the bullet, find a crappy old PC from the broom cupboard at our work and using that with RCS. It's a sure fire solution to a funked up problem
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