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Default Re: What is the best 52 inch or larger LCD?

Originally Posted by Toss3
No LCD currently on the market, comes close to the Pioneer Kuro's in terms of picture quality, and I can guarantee you that burn-in is no longer an issue with the new range of plasmas.

The 50 inch fullHD kuro has scored 10/10 in every review I've seen so far and has been chosen as the best TV in the world last year by many reviewers.

The Panasonic pz85 is also much better than any lcd on the market and comes close to the Kuro in terms of black-level, and is much much cheaper.

If you do want to go the lcd route, even though they offer lesser picture quality, I'd recommend the new samsung 656 series as well as the top line Philips TVs.

Here's a review of the Panasonic pz85

Here's one of the Pioneer Kuro(and here)

Here's one of the top Philips

And of the Samsung

EDIT: The new JVC TV's look hot as well(very slim bezel), but cannot compete with the others in terms of picture quality:
That Pioneer isn't native 1080p which for a >50 inch display I would not find acceptable. Especially for console gaming and even more so for PC gaming.

I would recommend the latest W series Sony Bravia LCDs or the latest Toshiba Regza (?Rezga) LCDs.
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