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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Wow those new trees look totally awesome, but for nearly $30 I'll have to pass on them. That GeeBee look pretty cool too, and its got a better power to weight ratio than I've ever seen in a piston engine aircraft. Looks like it will even outperform a Griffon engine Spitfire in a low altitude climb.

EDIT: Some of those texture packs on sim market look like a total scam, such as those by Aero-files. Looks like somebody just trying to cash in with garbage products at a premium price, though the trees you pointed out look really sweet. The Aero-files trees look worse than defaults.

Agreed sillyeagle some of those Aero-Files packs are really crappy low res rubbish,theres much better freware floating around,but those SAMOSHIN trees even though that are expensive do look real nice & i do spend a lot of my time in FSX over forested area's so i think they'll be worth it if there as good in motion as they look in the screen caps

i got the geebee and will post some screen shots later on for you guys to check out its a funky little plane and has masses of power but its a bitch to land!

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