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Default Re: What is the best 52 inch or larger LCD?

Originally Posted by npras42
Sorry, I missed that other review. I'm sure that the plasmas are all well and good but I wouldn't buy one simply because I perceive them as being unreliable and power hungry.
Plasmas actually don't use much more electricity than an LCD - the amount of electricity it uses depends on the picture it's showing, but most people just go by the wattage listed in the specs which is usually just the peak.

There's actually a fix for the W3000 series via an updated frmware that comes on all the new ones and can be applied to the older ones - it fixes the purple haze issue from that review. It obviously still doesn't add 100Hz MotionFlow but that isn't a big deal unless you actually notice the 'judder'.
I didn't know about the fix, but I just don't think it bodes well for a TV that needs updating just to get it to work as it should. :-/ And 120Hz does make a very big difference when watching a movie(and is the only way lcds can come close to plasmas in terms of movement judder). For sports it's still terrible though, but you always have the option of turning it off.

Although I don't own a W3000 (I have an older W2000) I still think its a very good TV and always get the feeling that the reviews tend to get extra picky when it comes to reviewing Sony models because they expect to get more since the TVs cost more. In the end as far as LCDs go I think those Sony models are still among the best PQ and provide the best UI/OSD and connectivity. I was purposefully ambiguous in saying W series because the W4000 will be out in Europe within 3-4 weeks so it might be worth waiting and seeing.
Sony do have some good TVs, that usually score pretty high, the w3000 series was just a big let down. But the fact is that Samsung uses the same panels and sells 'em for a lot less.

Yes, the Toshibas are priced like budget models but their deficiencies are so small it sometimes seems ridiculous to pay so much more for so little (especially when looking at the Sony TVs).
But if money wasn't an obstacle, would you still get one?
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