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Default Re: What is the best 52 inch or larger LCD?

Originally Posted by npras42
The Samsungs do use the same panels but they are often not as good. The image processing (the Bravia Engine for Sony) makes a huge difference to image quality even when you switch off all the stupid black level correction and noise reduction filters. Almost all options for image filtering are switched off on my own TV, but that doesn't mean that the processing engine is making no difference.
I know that Sony TVs have been good, but that hasn't really been the case as of late. While Samsung has been getting top scores, Sony has been letting people down with bad image quality and other problems. I like the fact that Sony uses the actual contrast ratio in their specs instead of the dynamic one, as most people don't use the dynamic setting.

I know for sure that the equivalent Samsung model for my own TV comes nowhere near in image quality no matter how you set them up and as I said mine has a much better UI and connectivity. As for the equivalent to the W3000 series I can't tell you... The M87 series Samsung that came out at about the same time as the W3000 series can't be the same panels (they have wildly different specs) and they have their own problems. Also (to avoid confusion) you don't need to update the FW on the W3000 if you buy new, they are already updated.
I think that sony has just reduced the brightness of the panels in order to achieve better blacks, while samsung has done the opposite to get higher contrast ratio(which is good for marketing). I don't think that the TVs have to have the exact same specs because they use the same panels, because things like back-lighting and all that can be adjusted separately.

No I wouldn't buy the Tosh one if money wasn't an obstacle but you never know if nicorulez sees them both he might not be convinced by the benefits and want to save the money for something else.
Well the Toshiba's aren't that much cheaper and don't perform too well compared to other brands. Toshiba and LG are for those on a tight budget(like me , but this TV is actually much better than you'd think, but it has taken a long time to get it to look good).

The new toshibas also look promising, but until I can read a review or see it by myself, I can't recommend it. Pioneer are also coming out with the new 9 series of plasmas soon, and going by history, they're going to be the cream of the crop as always.

One thing I might add is that plasmas look pretty horrible in brightly lit areas, whereas LCDs can be adjusted to "fit" the environment better, so if you do decide on getting a plasma you should also consider getting some very dark drapes for your windows.
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