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Default Re: What is the best 52 inch or larger LCD?

Originally Posted by npras42
If thats true what you say about light conditions isn't he better off with a projection system like the SXRD? I don't know a lot about them but have heard they are mostly superior in every way as long as the conditions are right. Goes with the money is no obstacle thing as well.
I believe I read somewhere that Sony isn't producing rear projection TVs any longer, but compared to today's TVs they wouldn't really stand a chance.

But yes plasmas are very sensitive to light, the Kuros more so than the Panasonic counterparts. The environment lighting actually plays a major part when deciding on which TV to get, as you want a Plasma for a dark room and an LCD for a brighter environment. You don't see the benefits of the almost pure blacks of the best plasmas unless the room is very dark. That's why most people, like me, use different settings for the TV for different times of the day, in order to achieve the best picture clarity and quality, but plasmas just don't get bright enough for midday viewing(at least not when compared to an LCD), which is why most people buy LCDs because they look a lot better in the bright light of the stores, but when viewed in a dark room the plasma blows away the lcd(which is why I like stores with a dark viewing room where you can see how different TVs compare to each other under different lighting conditions). Whew that was a long sentence.
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