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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

I might try the GeeBee when I get home. I'm not really an Alphasim fan but I do like and fly thier Saber quite a bit, and this one looks pretty fun with a decent VC.

Despite the price I'm also tempted to get those trees, as I'm sure they will add quite a bit being I fly almost exlusively in mountains and in nature scenery. I bet it would make vancouver+ look really neat as well as the area seen below, which is a favorite spot of mine. If you get the trees before me please post some pics in to aid my decision.

These shots were posted previously I beleive. If you want to fly here take off from Dundee UK and head NW over the small hills. I used to use GEX but those textures make this area look like crap as it creates lots of mismatch textures and the ones that are used here do not look at pretty as the defaults, so I removed the whole product.

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