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Originally posted by ATI LoVeR 9700
The 8500, when I first bought it gave me no bugs. I was fine. That High-Poly bug didn't affect me. It was all good.

heh, you are the only person I've ever heard of that had no problems with the 8500. It has to be the most bug filled launch in the history of video cards. Well so far anyway. Looks like the 9700 will give it a run.

The 8500's problem was drivers. The 9700 seems to be having more problems with power comsumption. It is a total power hog.
It's funny that people at Rage 3d slammed the Voodoo5 for having a power connector on the end of the card, yet these same people are praising the 9700 for having it. "Look how much power my card needs!!!"

I think nvidia has made a good decision going to .13 when they did. Someone there must have realized that this big of a GPU would not work well on .15. I'll bet their card will use far less power, give off far less heat and have far fewer problems because of power consumption as a result.

The driver problems remain to be seen, but I know which company I trust to get drivers working properly ASAP.

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