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Default TwinView disables PowerMizer?

Hello all.
Can anyone confirm that enabling TwinView in xorg.conf prevents the driver of entering lower power consumption mode?

I have a Thinkpad T61p with the "Quadro FX 570M" GPU running the latest Ubuntu (8.04-AMD64) with the 169.12 drivers.
I can understand the higher power requirements when using an external monitor, but even if no external monitor is connected and Twinview is enabled PowerMizer always reports:

Performance Level: 2
NV Clock: 475MHz
MemoryClock: 702MHz

If I comment out the TwinView bits (without changing default value for DynamicTwinView) from xorg.conf, the nvidia-settings reports that the Performance Level is 0 when not using an external monitor.
The problem with this solution is that if I connect and external monitor after X starts and use the nvidia-settings utility to enable it, the Ubuntu window manager sees both screens as single big screen, and the result is that windows maximize across both screens.

Without editing xorg.conf all the time, I'm not able to enjoy dual screen bliss while on my desk, and long battery life when on the move, while this is not critical it sure is annoying.

Thinks I've tried:
-Playing around with 'Option "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo"' -> has no effect
-Playing around with MetaModes -> has no effect

Is there any workaround?

Luis Neves
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