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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter
DX10 is finally stable with the 174.93, I hope it stays that way with upcoming drivers!
But DX10 is a bit on the blurry side compared to DX0 IMO...
Great shots slaWter As always!

I also began to noticed the blurries had snuck up on me while running under 174.93 that as well as around a 10 fps hit in heavy autogen area's ive jumped back to 169.44 made no changes and my blurries are gone and my fps are back to what they where....typical Nv fix one thing break two others....

My Gee Bee reskin is up for download if anyone is intrested its just over 5mb see the in zip read me for usage

I got the tree's addon coming down but my line is super slow tonight (BT need to get there **** together and get the UK fibered top to bottom) so i might not get chance to play with it till midday tomorrow

So silly if you have any area's you like me to check out for coverage just grab a save while inflight and throw it up here so i can dl it and grab some shots of the area

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