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Default Crymod & [00] Crysis Community Map Pack #1 - Welcome To The Jungle

In cooperation with the well known German Multigaming clan Die Doppelnullen we have created the "Crysis Community Mappack #1". From now on you will get regular compilation packs for your favorite game that include both Singleplayer and Multiplayer levels.

10 Multiplayer maps have been chosen and have been added to this Map Pack. Some of these maps are really special. There is a remake of the famous Far Cry map mp_surf and it looks even better then the original map in Far Cry. Other maps are a fixed version of the Crytek map Training and some other cool maps which have been created since the release.

Instant Action

Old Mine by SirRobs

War Forest by kornseb83

Crossroad by SirRobs

Jungle by DOuCheBAgMaN

mp_surf by Marc Wenzel

Power Struggle

Training_f by Kloppi87

Outpost2 by melcom

Tremor by sebotronik

Rock by Edolsian

Inlet by Edolsian

more info here
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