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Default Re: What is the best 52 inch or larger LCD?

Toss3, you are very informative and I know that the Kuros (?) are incredible. However, my viewing area is fairly well lit even with shudders. I watch some movies, HDTV on cable or satellite and video games on the PS3. I know plasma's have better black levels, but I am still concerned about burn in. Even with the millimeter of picture shift that I heard Plasma's are doing, it is disconcerting that and extended gaming session of GT5 prologue could potentially burn in a 8000 dollar set. I like the Sony and Samsung. I have heard that the 52 inch XBR5 is very good. Is that true? Moreover, I have heard that OLED will make both plasma and LCD obsolete in the future. The only model available is the 11 inch Sony, which looks amazing but is not really functional. Thank you all for your insight. Keep it coming.
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