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Default agp 440bx/zx tntultar32

i have been having serious issues tring to get nvidia working. it now seems to be boiling down to agp. there is no mention of agpgart in the xf86config, but a lspci -vv list card and agp slot.
i beleive i need to get agp enabled before i go any further with mandrake 8.2. the machine is a hp e60 with dual p3 550 and a tnt ultra32 agp card. ive seen mention of assigning irq to video but this phoenix bios does not have that option. hp doesnt seem to be answering me in the discussion group on their site. i have the 9.0 rc1 distro and thought about loading it instead, starting over but i need a little direction here. anyone have any thoughts? i currently have a fresh load of 8.2 installed with the 4.2.something option. i have succesfully compiled nvidia rpms in previous attempts and installed them locking the machine up on next boot. lsmod agpgart locks up, there is no mod in the mod directory.

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