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Default Re: Evga 790i & G.Skill 1600 DDR Trouble

As I've been through this since the beginning of april, I fear I might be noticing somewhat of a trend... I'm afraid it could be 2x2GB DDR sticks...

I've been through 3 2x2GB DDR sets with G.Skill, I just recently RMA'd this latest set... I Opted to go for OCZ 2x2GB 1600 this time.
Been in contact with G.Skill past two weeks on and off, they got ahold of a 790i board themselves this week, they failed to run it at the rated 7-7-7 18 1T timings, said they had to run it at 2T to avoid problems. (But I couldn't even do that in the end)

I tested a friends OCZ 2x1GB The other day and it worked fine, went good at 1333 with no errors in any of the slots. So I thought I'd try the brand.

Only after ordering now, have I thought almost all the problems I've read over at the evga forums have been with 2x2GB Sets, and not 2x1GB. I wonder if 4x1GB sets have problems? If not, if the 2x2GB OCZ fails, just might be the route I'll have to take.

I get the new ram on monday, if it fails it's either my motherboard specifically with 2x2GB DDR3, or the 790i series in whole maybe..?

So frustrating sometimes.
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