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Default Re: Crysis Framerate Benches with 2gb vs 4gb ram?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL

Think of it in terms of average FPS.

If the benchmark records 30-40fps 10 times per second for a few minutes then averages the results together, a few drops to 1-5 fps (a hitch\stutter) will hardly make any difference in the final average but will be very obvious in gameplay.

About the only way to show the results of a memory upgrade would probably be a line graph like [H] uses, to show the framerate throughout the entire benchmark. Ideally, more memory would result in fewer low spikes on a graph.

Fraps can record data like that. It probably wouldn't be too hard to do.
I'm trying to find more info on 2gb vs 4gb. What I've actually been finding is that 4gb performance is almost all in people's head, but still not done researching yet...

4gb RAM is much harder to overclock and you can get RAM at higher speeds and lower latency in a 2x1 configuration than 2x2. Check this out which places a 2gb of faster RAM vs 4gb of slightly slower RAM. Even without overclocking, 4gb gets a slightly better max framerate which results in a slightly higher average, but 2gb of faster RAM provides a marginally higher mininmum which will translate to less choppy gameplay which you will notice more than the extra .5 average fps.
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