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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by yxx
here's a few pics of st.maarten, st.barts. i dunno if the screenshots do it any justice but i guess after looking at the detail of the aiports then the rest of the island is not as good but i don't remember much of the default. i guess i can disable it and give the default a try to compare. these screens are all maxed out....everything except light bloom. since this is mainly ocean around it's pretty easy to max it out. i had to resize these from 1600x1200 cause they were over 300kb.
Thanks. No problem in shrinking them down, I'm not a fan of screenshots over 1024 anyway.

Here's what the default island looks like. It pretty much has an autogen object for every object on the texture, which is the way to do it. It beleive the default is at 1m but it might be higher. Certainly the airports have more detail in the add on but the default island is hard to beat.

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