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Default Re: Viewable area bigger than TV display

Originally Posted by _Inferno_
Nvidia: Come on??? What the hell is this crap, why can ATI do it and not you?
And like you're gonna get help with that kind of attitude. I'm half-inclined to let you just wallow. But...

Sounds like your NVidia card doesn't have a problem/undesirable feature. Your TV does. TVs sport overscan so you use the whole display surface. Draw your picture smaller on your display and problem solved. With MythTV (albeit analog output) I solved this problem merely by tweaking the TVOverScan in xorg.conf. If that doesn't work and drawing smaller isn't desirable, with digital you can probably set up something similar using TwinView with MetaModes set to scan out only a subset of the entire desktop. Depends on your situation whether this will work.
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