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Default Re: What is the best 52 inch or larger LCD?

Originally Posted by Lyme
If your tv watching habits are quite heavy, and you want your tv to last a while. You should try to avoid plasma sets. The issue is that both the colour and the light are generated per pixel. Unfortunately in this design, the phosphors wear out in time (less than 30,000 hours). Once the phosphor wears out, you toss the set. In addition because the light is produced at the pixel and suffers from the same problem. Your set is brightest the first time you turn it on, and there will be a constant degrade afterwards.

While LCD and rear-projection sets have issues of their own, at least you can replace the back light when it goes.
This was true a couple of years ago, but isn't true anymore. And burn in is not an issue anymore. If you don't believe me you can always ask the experts over at .

Well here's a thread you might want to take a look at before deciding on what TV to get.

EDIT; Here are some pictures of the Pioneer Elite in action:
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