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Default Futuremark lays an egg.


Wow, Futuremark has lost their way. They expect me to PAY for that? That first demo looks especially like crap. If I want to see how my box does with action environments like interiors and jungles, I'll run Crysis. Which hauls ass.

The first demo looks so bad and ran like crap. The second while looking a little better still was unreasonably slow.

At least with the old 3DMark demos, if the demo ran slow, you could SEE why. The demos were sexy as hell. Now I am staring at this crappy looking demo that looks like my old Geforce3 should be able to get 60fps with it but it's not. It's a slide show!

Then I see all the embedded ads for new hardware and it starts to all make sense. What a joke.

I'll stick with Performance Test for reliable numbers. 3DMark use to at least offer eye candy, now it offers nothing.
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