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Default Re: Evga 790i & G.Skill 1600 DDR Trouble

Got my OCZ 2x2GB today, ran memtest for 2hrs @ 1333 7-6-6-24 Linked and Synced, passed no errors which is a relief.

Tried going to 1600 at 7-6-6-24 2T Linked / Synced, wouldn't boot using 1.75v on ram, tried 1.9v and auto settings with all other voltages ending up with:

CPU Core [auto] 1.29v
CPU FSB [auto] 1.30v
Memory [1.9v] 1.88v
nForce SPP [auto] 1.36v
nForce MPP [auto] 1.50v

GTLVREF Lane 0 [auto] -50mv
GTLVREF Lane 1 [auto] -50mv
GTLVREF Lane 2 [auto] +00mv
GTLVREF Lane 3 [auto] +00mv

I got into windows but... it was 800x600, wouldn't let me change to anything higher then 1024x768 and was acting strange. I've never seen that before. Is this the rumored corruption issue @ 1600+? Or are voltages just not high enough or something else wrong, trying to be careful as I hear 45nm quads are dropping left and right around 1.4v.

Though supposedly I shouldn't need that much for just 1600 / 400x8. The GTLVREF Lane's look odd, no experience with those though, it's what the motherboard set.
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