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Default Re: Futuremark lays an egg.

Unfortunately it's too late for many of us. After playing with this thing most of day I'm inclined to agree with the OP.
For me, the purpose of running 3DMark is not so much to get a good score but to impress others and myself with the spectacular visuals and new the demo...with sound. I don't know how many countless times I've run the demos from 05 and 06. I think the last actual benchmark I ran was over a year ago. It took allot of waiting and upgrading to be able to view the demos at high settings. All thrills are lost for me with the lack of a demo with sound or any mini game, not to mention 1 of the 2 GPU test is total ass..yes lots of stuff going on and maybe if knew everything that was going on in the background it might be imprezive but I’ve seen water and I’ve seen cloth physics. Don't even get me started on the ad banner within the benchmark making them money with every tick and I would like to simply see my score without having to upload and connect to them everytime.
With 06 there was a good reason to buy, it unlocked allot of extra stuff. With this one I think they know they're going under and need to sell allot of keys cheap. Why spend time making something good when most people are paying less than seven bucks.
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