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Default Re: 3DMark Vantage Benchmark Results Thread

Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX
Also I can't believe that the first test is actually those screens we thought were fake with the Sapphire logo in the boat.
Yeah, that made me chuckle There is some pretty technical stuff going on in that one despite it looking a bit pap.

Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX
Second test is getting closer to what we expected, would there be Geometry Instancing used for the asteroids? There's quite a few and they look pretty good.
Agreed, it does look badass. Especially on max settings at native res.

Even though some aspects aint what many people thought, it does seem to be a good test of a system. I really does seem to take full advantage of quad GPU and CPU systems. I don't think there is anything else that does ATM.
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