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Default Re: Futuremark lays an egg.

Also don't forget you need DX10 to run it. Which also means Vista..i wouldn't be surprised if MS had a hand in that as well.

Yes DX10 is the future, we have the option but at the moment the current hardware is just not able to push it, the performance hits don't give results that say...ok that looks ****ing fantastic.

They really should have had a DX10/9 option in it.

Also the fact that everything in that thing looks far worse than even DX9 stuff makes it pointless benchmark. gives you a number...faster the gpu/cpu the number goes up...GREAT...but that number is meaningless and has no real meaning to it.

This is why i always value actual game benchmarks more than anything, they have more meaning to the numbers, and the number represents actual graphics that everyone can see and enjoy in...Un fortantely...Vantage looks like garbage and runs like it...if it actually did look like those UT3 Screenshots awhile back..then that looks amazing i would love to see that at 40fps instead of 16fps...but really i don't think anyone here wants to see garbage run at 40fps or even 1 fps..or 10000fps...its pointless.

Originally Posted by Revs
So you're all not gonna use it because it doesn't look as pretty as you thought!

Surely the point is to benchmark your PC, which it does very well. Nothing stresses a PC like Vantage does. It makes full use of multi core CPU's and SLI setups, unlike anything else out there and tests almost every aspect of performance.

I just don't see the problem. For the record I think the second graphics test looks awsome.

Crysis looks better and probably make a better benchmark program than anything out atm. I rather see results of new gpus to compare with than Vantage.

The GT200 might give me 100fps in Crysis in DX10 Ultra settings...and 10fps increase in Vantage.....which result do you care about the most as a gamer?
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