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Default Re: Futuremark lays an egg.

It's no different than any other 3Dmark in that respect. I don't see how someone can dislike Vantage if they like '06. The CPU tests are far more entertaining in Vantage if it's entertainment you're looking for.

Crysis looks better and probably make a better benchmark program than anything out atm. I rather see results of new gpus to compare with than Vantage.
As I said before, Crysis, or any other benchmark for that matter doesn't scale anything like as well with Quad/Oct core CPU's and Tri/Quad SLI rigs as Vantage. And we'll have to beg to differ that the Crysis BM looks better than the Space thingy BM on Vantage.

Anyhow, after the first coulpe of runs of any benchmark you've seen all there is to see. You can't tell me after 10 runs you'll still be sat there watching the damn thing juddering through the frames.
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