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Default 5800 non-Ultra fan never seems to run loud

I think I have a defective GF FX 5800 non-ultra, and am in need of a test to determine whether the card actually enters 3D mode or is always in 2D mode. I feel like a dweeb, but I can't tell if the card is broken.

Data 1
My 5800 non-Ultra cooling fan never enters fast (loud) mode except at boot. No fan increase for UT2003, 3DMark, etc. My 5800 Ultra fan enters fast (loud) mode whenever the 3D pipeline is active: benchmark, game, etc. it's always apparent that the 3D pipeline is running from the increase in fan noise.

Data 2
The non-ultra card scores only 14K on 3DMark2001 with 3D clocks set to 500/1000 on machine X. The ultra card scores 16K at the same 500/1000 clocks on the same machine. A Quadro4 980XGL (a mere NV28GL) 300/600 scores 14K on that machine X.


Is there a test I can run that's not dependent on subjective visual evaluation? I want to figure whether this 5800 regular card is defective before the warranty expires. Unfortunatley I'm not an experienced gamer, so I can't tell whether the visual performance is closer to my 5800 U or Quadro4 980XGL.

Using 44.03.
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