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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06
Well I got the tress, and I must admit some mixed feelings. I was using TreeX and in general these seem to be lacking some of the detail they have, and some of the tree types a just flat surface, lacking the cross shape, meaning they disappear at certain angles. On the plus side these are much better scaled (much smaller) than the standard agn, and look far more realistic in their surroundings, which is more noticable with photoscenery...but being smaller I had to increase the density to fill in the gaps.

I think for what they are, this package is a bit pricey, but on balance I'm happy I bought them.

I agree with you on both points SJA06,i really wish he'ed split the package with FSX & FS9 as a seperate product (with maybe a discount if you brought both) i myself have Zero use for the FS9 trees so if i could have brought just an FSX set for half that price that would have been nicer...still i hope he continues to update the sets at no extra charge

Taking of update's i got so sick of waitting for the FEX vaporware weather engine/env simulator that i dropped for ASX and my my what a diffrence it makes to the FEX texture sets ! its so much more fuller and depictive of the sky than using FEX+M$'s built in weather engine

BTW great shots as always SJA06 is there any news on the new versions of Horizons UK sets? they never seem to update there website and most of the forums with info are locked off!
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