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Default Re: Viewable area bigger than TV display

Dark Helmet: I have a digital display, so unfortunatly the tvoverscan option is not an option.

I also played with my TV's advanced mode settings, and although I can adjust the gun's settings and restore some of the overscanned image, the image is still cut at the top and bottom a little bit or the edges get wobbly and unstable, since the gun was never meant to project a perfect square image. The manufacturer counted on overscan. With Plasma / LCD displays, this is probably less of an issue, but I'm CRT.

AaronP: I feel confident that you will be able to expedite this case. I suggest locking the developers in a room with no energy drinks or pizza until they solve the problem/add the feature. No doubt it won't take long under those conditions There is a huge demand for this feature.

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