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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig
BTW great shots as always SJA06 is there any news on the new versions of Horizons UK sets? they never seem to update there website and most of the forums with info are locked off!
Cheers omzig - Horizon are in the very final stages of completing the reissue with night lighting and water masks, as well as an update of the 5m mesh. All the content is done, and they're testing the installers to make sure everything goes where it should - this is over 60gb of data, so these final tests are crucial. They will be RTM very soon though. I agree their site is very poor regarding updates.

I too am disappointed by the delay in the weather component for FEX, though the cloud update will be very nice. FSX real world weather always seem totally wrong for my part of the uk, so I'm really hoping FEX will do better. It does seem the same problem is afflicting the REX project, with their weather engine holding things up.
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