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Tbird... you are wrong!!!

Dude... face it! Your computer sucks! What is it with you? Do you like going from forum to forum pissing people off?!??! Gawwwd.. what is wrong with you? You just like to start arguments and stuff . You dont like tobe told you're wrong... even though 98.8473% of the time.. you are.

You cannot compare a 9700PRO with a TI4200 you freakin looney!!!!

I've told you a THOUSAND times! I went from a TI4600 to a 9700PRO... and the performance increase was phenomenal! You said it yourself.. you will be buying a 9700PRO in 2007 when they're worth 50 bucks... and your gonna go for 25k 3dmarks. I remember when you said that.. you are soooo freakin... ugh.

You need to get a life dude... honestly. Start using your comptuer for what it was designed for. A computer was definately not designed to run 3dmark all freakin day. I could understand if you had a bitchin score, it would justify all your 3dmark ranting... but you dont. Nothing about your setup is impressive.

Guys... this is what this guy is about. Even after this rant, he will still continue to post his crap.... I just dont think it's right. Imagine all the poeple around here that read the forums to LEARN! What are they going to think when they see this guy talk this rubbish?
Something that can run SWG somewhat decent.
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