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Default *exact same problem*, tried alot of hardware

I have the same problem. As this is supposed to be an *audio editing machine*, this problem is a killer.

I have a three head setup with one dual-head AGP card (FX5200) and one single-head PCI card (Geforce2). Any display to the PCI card causes the sound to fall apart.

I've tried four (!) different Geforce PCI cards (Geforce 2 and Geforce 4) and six (!) different sound cards (SB Live, SB Live 5.1, ESS Maestro3 , Ensoniq AudioPCI 1371 and two nonames). I've tried every imaginable combination in the PCI slots. I've tried different latency settings. The only solution is to yank the PCI video card from the machine or disable it in the server config.

The mobo is a MSI K7D Master-L with dual Athlon MP2400+, AMD 760 MPX rev 2.

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