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Default Re: nHancer feedback thread

Originally Posted by billyk28

First time forum user for ANYTHING, so I hope I don't look too foolish

I'm having trouble getting AA to work with Gears of War using Nhancer. It works for Assassin's Creed, so I know more or less how to use your fine program, but I'm at my wit's end with GoW, hence my joining this forum.

I have a Quad Core (6600) with 2 8800 gt's set in SLI
I am using Windows XP (32bit) with DX9
I am also using the Latest Nhance Beta with the Latest Forceware Beta Drivers with AA profile 0000045 AA+HDR

The frustrating thing is that after uninstalling my drivers and Nhancer and then re-installing them, I got AA to work beautifully with GoW for about a day. Then my next reboot, it stopped working. Instead of playing my game I have used up about a week after work to try to get it to work, and no matter what combination I try, GoW AA simply does not work. The only time I thought it was going to work was when the game first starts, the framerate had slowed down as if AA was set, but I still saw the same jaggies.

PLEASE help. Thanks guys
try using 2.3.2 nHancer, not the beta. i had probs with that beta. also, try using 174.74. i dont have Gears but all my UE3 based games have AA by forcing with nhancer.
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