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Default Re: nHancer feedback thread

Originally Posted by Grestorn
No, please don't use 2.3.2... It doesn't properly support 174.x drivers and G9x chips. You have to use the latest beta version of nHancer for those.

@Burnt_Ram: What kind of problems do you have with the beta? It's going to be released as the official latest release in the next days. So there shouldn't be any serious problem with it, I hope.

By the way, Beta 7 is out:
You guys are great for responding so quickly.

Unfortunately I tried using Beta Nhancer (Latest Version) with my 174. x Beta Nvidia drivers, and it doesn't work. I'd be less frustrated if it had never worked, but like I said in my original post, I got it to work for about a day. lol I'm willing to try anything at this point so any more feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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