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Originally Posted by Monolyth
Pfft, I'll pack in Wolf-Quest are finally up to dropping "The Moose". I love being the Alpha, makes me so powerful and I get all the ladies too. I know though someday one of my guildies will mutiny on my old ass and rip out my throat therefore claiming his place as the new alpha and me as the dead old guy.

I can't wait, then I can start a new den only this time I think I will spec for increased "scared camping children" howling. And improved urine concentration, you know so I can have a larger territory...

@FireFly MMO:
I always loved being a smuggler in SWG, I hope they can do it better. It would be really awesome if I could friggin' dupe other players (alliance) into thinking I'm not smuggling anything, sneak past Reaver ships, and setup the exchange on some backwater moon with a rather shady individual I can't trust no further then I can throw mah ship. Bah I'm already talkin' like Capt. Reynolds!
Damn, I hope we see River naked again. lol mmmmm Summer Glau yum
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