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Default Paramount is back in Blue


The studio, which previously dumped the reigning high-def format in favor of HD DVD, is going back into the Blu-ray business—and has announced its release schedule.

Beginning May 20, the company will release the animated movie “Bee Movie,” as well as Nicolas Cage flicks “Face/Off” and “Next.” The Hollywood Reporter says the studio will kick it up a notch on June 3, with recent releases “Cloverfield” and “There Will Be Blood.”

On June 24, they will roll out “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” the kid-friendly fantasy starring Freddie Highmore, Nick Nolte and Mary-Louise Parker.

More titles will be coming later this year.

Paramount was originally one of the studios that catered to both Blu-ray and HD DVD owners, before choosing sides last August. They announced they would no longer produce HD DVD titles, shortly after Toshiba abandoned the format earlier this year.
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