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Default me too

Everything works fine for me with the 3123, however *any* version after that reproduces this bug. I have a Hitachi LCD @ 75hz using DVI input and geforce4. I dont want to drop to 60hz because it gives me unbelievable headaches.

This happens only when using the xv video out driver in mplayer, ogle, xine, whatever. the x11 or sdl produce perfect results, but they are software scaled.

Am I right in thinking that after 3123, nvidia dropped XAA in favour of their own accelerated interface thingy? If so, that could certainly account for it.

Let me try and elaborate on the lines. I have a crappy motherboard and a slot A athlon 800. If i play, say, an mpeg in fullscreen (using the old drivers) then i get perfect output. If i watch a dvd, however i got very *slight* jaggies but only really noticeable on animated movies. This is for a number of reasons, but ultimately its something to do with the speed of which the videa data is being sent to the gfx card. In the dvd case, the media has to come from a much slower (in comparrison) dvd drive rather than a hard drive, go through my slow ass bus and to my gfx card which results in slight jaggies. Now, my flatmate had an almost identical setup to me but used windows, nd he got the slight jaggies on dvds too. However, now he has a much better box and its flawless.

I think now with XAA (is it even called that?) disabled, the speed at which the video output is mapped to the gfx card is severely reduced and occurs with all movie formats for me at least.

I do like the xv output, it was fast and i could switch between fullscreen/windowed instantly. I'm having to make do with SDlL atm and that takes a second or two to sort its self out.

I really dont understand why opening another movie seems to fix it. Only nvidia can explain this and it would be nice if they'd at least look into it.

I will try using analogue input but i seem to recall trying it before with the same results.

Ultimately i think its down to my motherboard's bus bandwidth not being fast enough for the XAA-less driver, but i dont know. Please NVIDIA do something
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