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Hey Ricercar,

Why are you complaining about a card which makes less noise than normal? Joking.

More seriously though, I'd suggest dividing the verification in two parts:
1. Check the performance
2. Check the temperature

For performance, I'd suggest not using 3DMark 2001 since it's very CPU dependant and could really hide the difference, but there IS a way to check it out even with that...

1. Benchmark with normal 2D/3D speeds
2. Reduce 2D speeds by something like 50%, but keep 3D speeds unchanged ( having so high 2D speeds is completely ridiculous anyway, why in the world would anything Windows need that much, unless it's most badly programmed piece of crap ever? No, I'm not refering to Windows there, hehe )
3. Benchmark again

If scores aren't significantly down, at least, it IS switching to 3D speeds.
If they are, maybe try other drivers, but it could very well be defective.

For temperature, if you're using the 44.03, it's in Temperature Settings tab of your driver panel.
nVidia claims it shouldn't get damaged until 140C, but frankly, if it even goes as far as anything like 110C or maybe even less, it's fairly obvious your card is having, let us say, a few problems - that would mean it IS switching to 3D mode, but the fan isn't working in that mode.
And while your card might not get damaged until 140C, it would most obviously reduce its lifetime ( not that this would affect anyone who buys those card, which is likely to upgrade every one or two years, but still... )

Hope that helped!

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