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if its the Abit Otis III version it doen NOT change fan speed, it is always quiet and it deffinatly enters 3d mode, try clocking down to 300/600 and benchmark, then use the normal valies 400/800 or 500/1000 if u can and youl see the difference,
*the Otis III* cooler is quiet as a 9800 pro


A card that really challenges Abits FX 5800 is Radeon 9700 with a price around 2500 SEK. The total impression is without exceptions good. Abit OTES III is a nice and silent cooling, the overclocking is something out of the ordinary and in general the product simply feels solid. I have been using this card in my primary system for a month and it has been overclocked to the maximum since day one and I am very pleased with it. The only thing I miss from the Radeon 9700, that I used earlier, is the quality and performance you get when running with 4X FSAA (or higher) at higher resolutions.
Prometeia cooled :P
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